Digital Footprints (Against (Debate) Footprints)

Do you really think we should have people looking at us from our fun lives like taking photos and sending them online. I really think we should have privacy from where we stand or we should get permission because are we really wanting complete strangers looking at our info, using it for personal use. The fact on about us not getting permission but they do it anyway. I mean who is “they”, it could be anyone, it could be the creators or employees but we don’t know them, do we? What I think is that less people would use social media if they knew a spy was looking at them… How would you feel if someone spied on your data, your info, and you’ve put heaps of personal pictures or videos or even phone numbers!


When someone comes online looks at your profile and finds it funny to call, or send unkind messages. There are heaps of users. On Instagram 600 million accounts are active every month… 600 MILLION! That’s like everyone in your country all using Instagram every month to post some unwanted rubbish that no-one cares about. Imagine 600 million people and when you look at how many posts someone random has, you’ll realise that there are at least 200 posts, the most amount of posts on Instagram is 22k (22,000), but she’s an ‘Otaku‘ who probably spends all of her life on Instagram. The point is imagine being her and imagine all her stuff being looked at by complete strangers but she probably doesn’t realise there are ‘Digital Footprints’ and everyone has to know.

By Toha2016

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