Post Office

There was an abandoned post office near the end of town, Nick was too afraid to go inside, after all it was his friend Paul who told him it was haunted by ghosts, Nick was looking at the pale white door where the paint had been ripped off and stared inside, Nick heard something coming from inside the building and ran to Paul’s house screaming. When he got there he told Paul everything he experienced, Nick was looked and acted like he had just ran two marathons. “Don’t worry Nick, it was a joke! And it worked!” Paul starting chuckling after laughing for a period of time. Nick thought that Paul was being an idiot and he heard something. Paul said it was just a rat pushing old letters off the shelf and it somehow coincidentally at the time Nick was looking through the window. Nick just called him a liar and ran home. For dinner that night it was the “Hunter’s Family Roast” which there would be a few potatoes, a handful of carrots, a ladle of vegetables and a chicken wing. Nick loved them, he would play with his food because it made dinner even happier. Nick had a great environment, his dad was a lawyer, who defendants would pay everything they owned to have him in the courtroom, his mum was Doctor, who also would be paid a lot to have their lives taken care of and his older brother was a “Famous World” Video game player: More like not paying his parents rent, using Nick’s PlayStation to play R18 games. Nick wasn’t keen  on his brother being a “hobo”.



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