D.E.S.I.G.N.S of an Invention

We have a lot of cool, wacky ideas that might be able to help us everyday. Coming up with ideas and sharing them is the best way to show how creative you can be. Here are some Inventions that I think we need:


  1. Pocket Sockets: You know of those power sockets you stick plugs into like you plug in your Xbox or PlayStation. We could have pockets above them, we could have pockets to put chargers in or a list of what can go into the socket or whatever you want. Highly useful and may come into our future soon.
  2. Arm-Hole Pillows: Do you ever get ‘Pins and Needles’ from putting your arm underneath your pillow at night, then we could have tunnels to put our hands under and not stop our blood flowing in our arms. This is definitely something I would want and hopefully people find it helpful.
  3. ┬áRobots (That Don’t Turn On Us): It’s funny how there are movies that have Robots; who at first are doing their job as “programmed” and in the middle for the Action part they turn on the Humans (i Robot, The Terminator Franchise, Robocop e.t.c), but what would it be like to have actual life Robots knocking on our door or helping us with life (It’s hard to imagine at first) like Domino’s Pizza are making drones and Siri-like apps to order Pizza! I mean Domino’s it’s just Pizza.

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